See the primary footage from the reside motion Powerpuff Ladies

Girls just wanna have fun … and kick their butts!

Just two months ago, The CW announced that a new Powerpuff Girls pilot had joined the network with live action. And now fans of the cute and spunky superheroes can finally take a first look at the series.

On Wednesday, April 7th, the three –Chloe Bennet, Pigeon cameron, and Yana Perrault– were in full-on-action mode when they were seen filming the pilot in Atlanta, Georgia. At one point, Chloe was propped up in the air as her co-stars ran after her.

Of course, all three actresses in the Powerpuff Girls fashion encapsulated their respective characters as they widely donned vibrant outfits in pink, blue and green. In addition, they are each equipped with the same matching black belts and knee socks.

As previously announced, Chloe will take on the role of Blossom, with Dove playing Bubbles and Yana as Buttercup.

In addition, scrubs plays the main role Donald Faison, who plays the girls’ creator and father, Professor Utonium, was on the set. He also appeared to be in his full costume as he put on a pink collared shirt, navy slacks and a gray blazer.

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