See Joe Giudice’s reunion together with his daughters within the Bahamas

Joe Giudice soaks up the sun with some beloved visitors.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star and ex-husband of Teresa Giudice reunited with his four daughters in the Bahamas. As revealed by new posts on social media, Giudice’s children, Gia, 20, Milan, 15, Gabriella, 17 and AudrianaAll, 12, went to see their famous father in Nassau. It appears that Joe has lived in the Bahamas for some time after being deported to his native Italy in October 2019. The girls were also allowed to see their grandmother Filomena Giudicewho also recently made the trip to see Joe.

As for the itinerary, it looks like lots of sunbathing and relaxing with dad is on the agenda. Gia and Milania both shared videos of themselves lounging by the pool and on the scenic beach. And of course Joe seems happy to have the special company. As he wrote on Instagram: “Nothing like family.”

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