See essentially the most daring MTV Film & TV Awards appears ever

Never underestimate what can happen on a MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet.

If you should be dressed for the job you want rather than the job you have, then Jane is the virgin Brett Dier wants to be Batman.

The actor drove to the 2019 event in a suit plastered with the Dark Knight on. He’s sure to be heroic when it comes to finding the courage to rock such a bold print, but he’s not the only adventurous celeb when it comes to fashion walks on the red carpet.

“I took a pill in Ibiza” singer Mike Posner made a statement in 2016 by topping off his purple suit with a giant paper mache mask over his head. Can we get one of these next time we have a bad day?

Speaking of hair, you’d better believe Lizzo did a hair toss and checked her nails as she rocked a neon green dress with a feathered collar at the 2019 ceremony. The truth might hurt: green is definitely the new pink. Last year, the singer told Vogue that her favorite look on the red carpet was her 2019 GLAAD Awards ensemble – a dress of the same light shade. But no matter what color she’s wearing, you’d better think she looks damn good.

When it comes to style these celebs don’t play around and we believe they deserve a gold popcorn statuette that dares to stand out.

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