Secrets and techniques About Bridesmaids That Will Make You Paaaartay

8. With a cast of six Groundlings alumni (Wiig, Mumolo, Rudolph, McLendon-Covey, McCarthy and Falcone) the improvisation was off the charts. “In the rehearsal process, you really got to know all of the characters before you started filming,” McCarthy told Entertainment Weekly. “Even if you hadn’t used the specific information, you’d start by creating this backstory. We had that story as characters [you were] will play against each other. All I remember is thinking, ‘If this is filmmaking, it’s overwhelming.’ “

“I’m honest, I can’t remember what was written and what came out of the improvisation,” said Rudolph. “When we started filming, we were all aware of the creative process: come in, read the scenes, and improvise. There was a stenographer who typed everything that we improvised would be new pages. “

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