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Now that spring has arrived and it looks like an end to the pandemic is in sight, many Americans are planning vacations again – and they’re booking beach destinations on a massive scale, Trivago says.

On the global online accommodation platform based in Düsseldorf, “clickouts” – users who click on links to other travel booking sites – have increased steadily since the beginning of the year, with growth of 27% compared to the previous month in March compared to 17% in January. (According to Trivago, increasing click-through rates suggest that more people are looking to book trips.)

Top 7 travel destinations in March 2021

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Miami Beach, Florida
  3. Orlando Florida
  4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  5. Cancun, Mexico
  6. San Antonio
  7. Panama City Beach, Florida

Source: Trivago

Most of these clicks were for trips into warm weather conditions.

Top March 2021 destinations pursued by Trivago included Miami Beach and Panama City Beach, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Cancun, Mexico. Also trending with US travelers were San Juan, Puerto Rico, and other sun and fun overseas destinations like Playa Bavaro in the Dominican Republic and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

“With many Americans demanding safe, warm-weather getaways, beach destinations have been travelers’ first choice as the country reopens,” said Axel Hefer, CEO of Trivago. “In fact, our recent consumer survey found that nearly a quarter of the US traveler’s idea of ​​having a dream vacation post-pandemic is on a tropical island.”

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Hefer said a year of lockdowns and new advances in the fight against Covid were behind the surge in travel interest to sunny, sandy beaches by the sea.

“The pent-up demand, as well as significant advances in vaccination in recent weeks, have led Americans to take spring break trips to coastal destinations where social distancing is easy, as well as neighboring international cities like Cancun and Playa Bavaro.” he said.

In other results, Trivago said domestic travel accounted for 79% of American clickouts in February and March, and same-day and next-day trips remained the most popular – accounting for 14% of total clickouts in March.

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