Sean Hannity needs GOP home members to sue Nancy Pelosi over masks mandates

The country is getting closer and closer to normal. And that’s mainly due to Joe Biden’s COVID response. Fox News does not want to honor the president, however.

Indeed, the network of masks wants to make a big problem. Republicans in Congress have shown they don’t wear their masks. So Nancy Pelosi pretended they were her while they were inside. This drove Sean Hannity a little crazy on Thursday night.

The Fox Anchor whined, “Get this, Nancy Pelosi mandates that everyone in the House of Representatives wear a mask because she doesn’t want convention halls to be turned into a” petri dish “quote. Anyone caught without a mask will be hit with a $ 500 fine, followed by a $ 2,500 fine. And according to the CDC, it’s safe for vaccinated Americans to stop wearing masks. “

Hannity then made an inquiry: “I urge every member of Congress to personally sue the Speaker, Speaker Pelosi, over this anti-science mask mandate and do what Congressman Thomas Massey did and put Pelosi’s mask warnings in the trash can where they belong. “

While it may be true that vaccinated Americans are safe to go maskless, not all members of Congress are vaccinated. In fact, according to a recent poll, more than half of home Republicans aren’t vaccinated. Every Democratic member of Congress got his shot.

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