Saweetie talks about Icy Gang, her music profession, and transitioning relationships

Saweetie has seen a lot of media coverage in the past few weeks. From her public breakup with rapper Quavo to a leaked video of an argument between the exes, Saweetie couldn’t take a break. That didn’t stop the rap star from securing her bag, however!

She recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight’s Melicia Johnson to chat about all the current moves in her life and career. The eight-minute clip was released early Saturday.

The interview was shot in zoom style, with Melicia and Saweetie appearing on split and single screens. Melicia begins the interview by asking Saweetie to share a message with her ‘Icy Gang’ fan base.

“Thanks for the love and support,” Saweetie replied to the question. “You love me through thick and thin. If the internet loves me, they love me. If the internet … if it’s one of these days, defend me out there. “

Then Melicia talked about the inspiration for Saweetie’s current project “Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1”. The playlist features emerging artists by collaborating with Saweetie on a song. The aim is to make these artists known. Saweetie hopes to make the playlist an annual tradition.

“When I came out I didn’t really have a lot of love and support, so I only give what I wanted,” Saweetie said. “I never want to carry the chip on my shoulder and project that.”

Saweetie decided to share her platform with new artists because in her words “we all need help”. She also mentioned the conversation that she herself was aspiring and not qualified to lead this project.

“I’m the guy who will do this if I can help you while helping myself and if I can and it doesn’t affect me badly,” Saweetie said. “So yeah, I’m still growing. I still have a lot of room for improvement. I still have a lot of goals to achieve, but you know what good music is good music. “

Later in the interview, Melicia addressed “the elephant in the room”. She asked Saweetie to give advice to anyone in a relationship that no longer serves them. Saweetie responded by identifying conversation as the solution.

“I know it’s funny to be toxic and people think it’s cute, but I care about treating other people the way I would like to be treated,” Saweetie said. “If I stopped serving someone, I would want them to respect me enough to have a conversation and then we’ll go our separate ways.”

Saweetie said she keeps love in her heart regardless.

“Whether you are in my life or not in my life anymore, I will always love you because I really focus on only having good relationships with people,” Saweetie said. “I mean, who wants to have hatred in their heart. This is ugly energy and I just care about that pretty girl energy! “

Check out the full interview below:

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