Saweetie speaks out after the footage she seems to be showing in for ideas goes viral

Saweetie is out here celebrating the success of her new single ‘Fast Motion’ and just doing things for fun! The rapper was spotted putting on a show for some of her fans on Santa Monica Pier over the weekend, explaining what really happened after catching shadows online.

A fan recorded a now viral video of Saweetie performing her new song on the pier with nothing but a microphone and a giant bluetooth speaker. She also had a bucket next to a sign that said “Pretty B * tch Summer Donations,” which led some fans to believe she was standing up for tips.

Well, Saweetie went live on Instagram to explain she wasn’t performing for money and said she was just having fun and a show for some fans who recognized her on the pier. She also said that the money raised was given to an aspiring artist she met there.

“No girl, I didn’t ask for any money yesterday,” she said to a fan. “Actually, I know I said the rent was due, but yesterday was a spontaneous moment and it was fun. We were on the Santa Monica Pier and I saw this aspiring artist, he was like singing with that microphone. “

She went on to say, “So I was like you know I got a new single, so imma, only performing for my fans because I love them so much. A couple of people noticed me so I was like Imma picking up the microphone in a hurry, but all of the earnings and donations from that tip jar were given to him. “

She also made it clear that she has her own money and doesn’t have to knock for tips!

“I’m just kidding, I have my own money, you stop playing with me,” she said.

Check out some of Saweetie’s accomplishments below:

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