Saweetie Celebrates Shopping for Her First Non-public Jet – “Everybody On Board Icy Airways!”


Roommate, with we’re in the middle of the holiday season with regular gifts flowing, Saweetie just bought a fancy gift for herself and proved she makes boss moves. Saweetie recently posted a video on Instagram telling her fans that she just bought her own private jet!

Saweetie posted on Instagram documenting the surprising news that she is now the owner of her own private jet. She gave the video a title and wrote: “Fly in fashion, I’m proud.” She went on to post even more videos on her IG stories, saying “I got my first motherf ** king jet. I am very happy. This is hell, mother, king, great, I know this is mother, king, right. “

While she received a lot of congratulations from her fans, there have also been a slew of critics who questioned how Saweetie could afford such an extravagant purchase given her net worth.

Some even went so far as to claim that Saweetie did not have enough streams or music sales to afford a private jet and all of the necessary upkeep.

This is the latest online criticism she faced when she took to Twitter earlier this month to call those who insisted she had a nose job after posting relapse photos of herself when she was younger.

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