Saweetie and YG Noticed Cuddling in Cabo Pool (PHOTOS)

It looks like Saweetie and YG are officially a couple. According to TMZ, the rappers were spotted on vacation in Cabo, Mexico and weren’t shy about showing affection for one another.

Saweetie & YG get cozy in Cabo

According to the outlet, the photos were taken by the rappers on Sunday. In the series of photos, YG wore a hat and dark swimming trunks, while Saweetie wore a bright pink two-piece bikini and long pigtails.

The rappers are seen snuggling together while YG leans into Saweetie’s face and even gives him a few kisses.

Check out the photos below!

Neither YG nor Saweetie have publicly confirmed or denied their romance.

Social Media Reactions

Instagram users reacted to photos of the rappers cuddled up in Cabo in The Shade Room’s comments section.

One user, @showgrlnucci, expressed doubts about the successful course of the relationship.

“I’m sorry but that won’t work, no shadow, but this man can’t be faithful.”

Others seemed to poke fun at the nature of the photos.

“The quality and composition of these images gives me an ‘I hoped a fence is camouflaged, climbed a tree, built a nest and used an RF 1200mm telephoto lens to take this image’ vibe and iontliked”

Another user, @queendawkins, poked fun at the fact that YG appeared to be looking straight into one of the cameras.

“He’s looking straight at the camera”

While another user, @fineenii, appears to approve of the couple.

“Unpopular opinion: They actually look good together.” 😍”

The rappers have been spotted together before

It’s not the first time the rappers have been spotted together. In April, Saweetie and YG ate at a restaurant in Indio, California. After the outing, the restaurant reportedly praised Saweetie for paying for the other guests’ meals.

Prior to this outing, the two were also spotted at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, as reported by HipHopDX.

Roommates, are you guys here for YG and Saweetie dating?

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