Sammie brings out a smelling candle with Drake and Erykah Badu

Roomies, if there’s one thing singers guaranteed to do, it is making sure they always give their fans what they want! Today Sammie announced that he would be joining Drake and Erykah Badu by bringing out a scented candle that smells like him.

The singer of “Prada U” made his announcement on Instagram. He shared a picture of the candle along with a shirt with a photo of his younger self from his music video to the hit “I Like It”. He titled the photo: “A characteristic scent that expresses the aura and smell of Sammie. Every time I meet my fans, I get compliments for my fragrance. So I was inspired to create a candle and recreate that aura and vibration. “

The headline continued, “There’s also a bundle that comes with the“ But I Was Her First Crush ”hoodie (only 200 available for the bundle.) PRE-ORDER NOW. * Link in bio *‼ ️ ”Sammie released five fragrances with Simply Naked Candle Co. The fragrances include; “Pure Love”, “Pure Honey”, “Indigo”, “All Night”, “Peace” and “Dream About Me”. The candles range from $ 25 to $ 40, and his “Dream About Me” package includes a candle and t-shirt that cost $ 70.

Sammie’s price points seem to be on par with other celebrity-scented candles. If you remember, we reported back in March last year that Erykah Badu sold out her woman-inspired incense in 19 minutes. The frankincense costs $ 50 and is currently available on their website. In December we also reported that Drake is reportedly launching five candles including: “Sweeter Tings”, “Williamsburg Sleepover”, “Good Thoughts”, “Muskoka” and finally the Drake scented candle we have been waiting for … ” Carby Musk “. Drake’s candles will range from $ 42 to $ 80, but it’s not yet a date that they’ll be released.

Roommates seemed delighted with Sammie’s new release. One commented, “I would definitely buy a Sammie candle.” I know I mean to grab some!

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