Sage The Gemini confirms relationship with Supa Cent – “Me and Nell are collectively and I intend to maintain it that method” (unique)

On Monday, Supa Cent and Sage The Gemini sparked dating rumors when the two appeared on social media together.

While Supa was on Instagram Live to get dressed and give her face a nasty slap, Sage joined the entrepreneur and the two had a flirtatious conversation on the platform to discuss the possibility of an appointment.

At first it seemed like Sage was trying to intercept what she had already planned for the evening by asking if he could take her on a date. While viewers thought he was in California and just shoot his shot, they were shocked when he physically appeared in the background and was their date the whole time.

After the two made it clear they would chat for the night, the couple posted a photo together so we could know it was real.

Welp, once they got us into their business, you know we had to ask about the deeds because inquiring minds wanted to know when they started dating.

While pondering how long they’d been together, Sage exclusively confirmed to The Shade Room that the two are actually in a relationship: “…[Yes]”Me and Nell are together and I intend to keep it that way,” he explained. Sage also mentioned that the two have known each other for 11 years.

The 28-year-old is proud of his relationship and without hesitation confesses to his love: “I claim my girl.”

Sage, who was previously linked to Blac Chyna and Jordin Sparks, says he’s trying to be the best man he can be in the relationship. “Help me to be the man I should be for you,” he said, “and wish me the best of luck in my progress and the persistence of love …”

As you will recall, Supa had a long-term relationship with Lou, but the two broke up after allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

While Louis denied the allegations, the relationship seemed irreparable at the time, not to mention the two had a nasty back and forth a few months ago.

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