Safaree explains pores and skin bleaching posts, saying that he has managed to advertise his upcoming skincare line

Roommate, Safaree had some people on the internet (and in his personal life) questioning his choices for about a week! The artist and reality TV star, who is sometimes known for showing himself extra, extra love, published an unusual post on Twitter on June 24, 2021. He said he started his “skin bleaching process” along with white praying hands emojis and did not reveal any further details! Well, it looks like the secret is over now, as Safaree recently revealed that he’s actually trolling on behalf of its upcoming skin care line!

And no, before the jokes land, skin bleaches won’t be part of his collection. In a number of Instagram stories, Safaree stated that he would never expose his skin to harsh lightning products.

“Look, I just want to say that in a million years I would never bleach my skin,” said Safaree. “I only said that because I’m adopting a skin care line that pretty much serves to improve your already beautiful skin.

While Safaree’s methods may have resulted in the promotion sought, it was not received very well. Some fans criticized the marketing plan given the history of advertisers and companies targeting black people with skin bleaching products. As you may recall, Blac Chyna faced a huge backlash in 2018 for partnering with a company to sell $ 250 lightening cream.

Dressed in a brightly colored silk shirt, black sunglasses and several glittering necklaces, Safaree spoke directly into the camera. He took away all of the worries of internet strangers and close friends about saying goodbye to chocolate-colored skin!

“So that everyone who beat me up … people I really know really asked me if I was going to really bleach my skin,” Safaree said. “I would never go crazy!”

Before posting his confession videos, Safaree showed a sneak peek of the upcoming line Paradise. In the photo published in his Instagram story, the packaging of his products is in gold, purple, white and black. Interested buyers will find whipped body butter, a body peeling, facial oil, facial cleanser and facial clay mask within the collection. According to text added to the photo, the skin care line is completely organic.

Roommate, would you like to try Safaree’s skincare line?

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