Ryan Reynolds’ cheeky response to David Beckham about “sore wrist”

Ryan Reynolds‘The Aviation Gin brand is 21+ for obvious reasons, but so is his latest comment.

Prepare for the giggles as the Green Lantern star just got lively in responses to his latest Instagram post.

On Wednesday, February 24, Reynolds shared a picture of himself in front of dozens of bottles of his gin and stated that he had signed 100 of them for BC Liquor Stores. Another picture showed him with a silver sharpie as he scribbled his signature on the front of several Aviation bottles.

David Beckham replied, “Wow, that’s a sore wrist if I’ve ever seen one,” with a laughing emoji. Reynolds wrote back, “I’ve been exercising my wrist vigorously since I was 15. Wait … what are we talking about?”

All fans had to say to this joke, according to an Instagram user “15 ?! Late bloomers”. One person who said she was the mother of a 15 year old added, “As soon as I read that I knew this was the answer.”

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