Russia Helps Trump by Refusing to Take away Doxxing of at Least 23 Georgia Jurors

In case anyone had lingering doubts about Russia’s affinity for former president Donald Trump, at least 23 jurors have been doxxed and had their personal information posted on conspiracy websites hosted by a Russian company that is known “to be uncooperative with law enforcement.”

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said “at least 23 jurors in the case have had their personal information — including their names, ages, addresses and vehicle details —posted anonymously on “conspiracy theory websites” hosted by a Russian company as part of an effort to ‘harass and intimidate them,’” Axios reported.

Willis and other members of her office were also doxed, including her family member names, dates of birth, home and work addresses, GPS coordinates and more. This information was “intertwined with derogatory and racist remarks,” Willis said in the filing.

Willis asked a judge to protect the jurors who indicted the former president and a number of his allies who tried to steal the 2020 election and allegedly sought to steal votes from Americans.

In the filing, the Department of Homeland Security said the Russian company is known “to be uncooperative with law enforcement,” which translates to the information will not be taken down because there is no way to get the Russian company to comply with law enforcement requests.

Surely if Russian officials told this company to comply with U.S. law enforcement, they would. But Russian officials are not doing that. They are letting this company aid and assist Donald Trump’s supporters in attacking innocent people.

While Trump threatening jurors and witnesses is nothing new, this matters because it highlights Russia’s efforts (yet again) to protect Donald Trump, this time from the U.S. law enforcement.

What would a hostile foreign country and a former U.S. president have in common that would cause the hostile foreign country to not take down the doxxing of innocent people? Russia is waging a war of aggression against Ukraine and now they are going to bat against U.S. law enforcement.

Why is a former president being protected by a hostile foreign country as he faces criminal charges for trying to steal an election?

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