Russell Wilson & Ciara shock center college college students with beginning their very own financial savings accounts

It’s never too early to learn about financial literacy, and Russell Wilson and Ciara should agree as they helped bring some knowledge to middle school students in the Seattle area. Recently, they spoke to students at Denny International Middle School and helped the students open their own savings account.

According to the Seattle Times, Russell and Ciara performed virtually as they spoke to the students and gave them advice on investing and saving their money. They also made a donation of more than $ 35,000 that enabled every student to receive a savings account with at least $ 40 in start-up capital. The gesture was made by Russell and Ciara’s Why Not You Foundation in collaboration with the NFL Players Association and financial technology company Goalsetter for Financial Literacy Month.

Speaking to the students, Russell said, “Financial literacy and wealth building are so important. Ciara and I really wanted to talk to all of you because we didn’t get much and had big visions, big goals, big dreams. “

When Ciara encouraged students to invest in themselves, she added, “All of these things can pay off tremendously if you invest in them properly. Investing is very powerful and it also gives you an opportunity to build a legacy for your family. “

When it comes to education, the Wilsons have been very active in the Seattle area.

As we previously reported, last year the couple helped fund a charter school in the region that had suffered funding problems due to the pandemic. Ciara and Russell helped fund the school through their Why Not You Foundation.

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