Rick Ross agrees to pay Briana Singleton $ 11,000 a month in little one assist for her three youngsters

Rick Ross and Briana Singleton had an argument over a paternity case, and it looks like the case is finally closed. It’s been over a year since Ross and Singleton took their troubles to court after Briana accused Rick of not paying child support, which the two eventually settled on.

According to TMZ, the judge has signed Ross’ requests for monthly maintenance payments of $ 11,000 for the three children he shares with Briana, pending paternity proceedings, according to TMZ. The legal papers also state that Rick Ross has agreed to pay for children’s health insurance, as well as their extracurricular activities, if they exceed $ 7,560.

Ross has also agreed to give Briana a check for $ 25,000 towards her legal fees.

As we previously reported, Singleton filed a lawsuit against Ross alleging he had made no arrangements to pay child support for their children. Briana was reportedly discharged from the army due to illness and sought Ross’ help with the care of her children. At the time, Briana and Rick had two children together and one is on the way.

The latest court documents filed in the case put Ross’s monthly income at $ 585,000 and that of Briana at $ 142.

Legal drama aside, Rick Ross has openly hugged his children, including the two he had from a previous relationship. He recently gave his son a Wing Stop franchise for his 16th birthday.

Neither Rick nor Briana have made any public statements about the closure of the case, but we wish their families all the best during this time.

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