Richard Burr is being censored by the GOP in North Carolina for voting in condemnation of Trump

The North Carolina Republican Party is on to adjust Vote later today to blame Senator Richard Burr for voting to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting a rebellion against Congress. North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley said his vote “is shocking and disappointing in a process he ruled unconstitutional.”

North Carolina Republican National Committee chairman Kyshia Lineberger wrote in an email that she would be voting to blame Burr for voting.

“I am voting yes for violating his state and voters by voting to convict former President Trump in an unconstitutional trial. A process that even he said was unconstitutional, ”she said. “Ultimately, America is a republic in which we as the people elect representatives. Senator Burr did not represent the will of the people, and that is a shame. “

Burr had previously announced that he would not seek re-election in 2022, so it is unlikely that criticism would cause him much more political damage.

Burr was one of seven Republicans who voted to condemn Trump. Burr believed he had made the right choice.

“The evidence is convincing that President Trump is guilty of instigating an insurrection against an equal branch of government and that the charges rise to the level of crime and misdemeanor,” said Burr on Saturday. “That’s why I voted for the condemnation.”

WATCH: GOP Senators Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy and Susan Collins vote to impeach former President Trump. Https://

– CBS News (@CBSNews) February 13, 2021

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