Republicans will drive Trump to signal a pledge of allegiance

The RNC has announced that it will require all its presidential candidates to sign a pledge of allegiance before allowing them to take part in debates.

The AP reports:

Republican presidential candidates will be barred from the debate phase this summer unless they sign a pledge to endorse the GOP’s final presidential nominee, according to the draft, which is scheduled for adoption when the Republican National Committee meets next week.

“After the primary, it is imperative to the health and growth of our Republican Party and the country that we all come together and unite behind our nominee to defeat Joe Biden and the Democrats,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said in a statement to The Associated Press when asked about the pledge of allegiance.

The pledge of allegiance is a joke, but it comes before the problem the RNC had during the 2016 primary when Trump was asked if he would endorse the Republican nominee. Trump will sign the pledge of allegiance because he is in a position right now to be the Republican presidential nominee.

If Trump happens to lose the Republican nomination, he could claim that the Republican primary was rigged and that he must launch an independent campaign to expose the corrupt Republican Party.

Make no mistake, the pledge of allegiance is about keeping Trump loyal. It will fail. When Trump rumbles about an independent run, watch how quickly the Republican Party will cave in to his demands.

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