Republicans declare Trump did not know concerning the three Chinese language spy balloons

After a weekend of loud, incessant, and nonsensical Republican criticism of President Joe Biden for not shooting down the three-school-bus-long Chinese spy balloon when it could have hurt most people, Republicans stutter to explain why Trump at least didn’t know it Three Chinese balloons flew across the United States during the Trump administration.

Florida Republican Representative Mike Waltz was outraged to learn that there had been several incidents of Chinese balloons not being launched in recent years.

At 10:39 am Feb 5, 2023 he tweeted:

“The Office of the Secretary of Defense has informed my office that there have been several incidents involving Chinese balloons in recent years – including over Florida. (see)

Why weren’t they shot down?”

A minute later:

“And according to several Trump administration national security officials, they were never notified of these intrusions by the Pentagon.”

Waltz is a big Trump supporter who voted against impeaching the former president for inciting insurrection, saying, “The president loves this country. He doesn’t want violence.”

This is an obviously false statement, Trump has instigated violence in his own name in hopes of achieving a self coup and Trump loves himself and what power can reach him far more than he loves this country.

In any case, this claim, which Trump never knew, is being peddled in the conservative media.

After US intelligence discovered Chinese spy balloons had flown over the US at least three times during the Trump Fox News wrote, “Trump and his top defense and national security officials told Fox News Digital that it never happened and that they were never briefed on Chinese spy balloons.”

‘It never happened.’ This is a typical claim made by the Trump administration. A more accurate way of phrasing this, if true, would be “We were not aware this happened”. But no, because it’s Trump, it denies the possibility and then immediately moves on to blaming someone else. Nobody told them. It wasn’t her job to know.

It was their job to protect the US, so questions must be asked.

Somehow people over in Trumpland seem to think that makes everything better:

The official told Fox News that “this information was discovered after the [Trump] Leave administration.”

“They went undetected,” the official told Fox News Digital.

The fact that three balloons passed undetected during the Trump administration is not a good defense. At least one of these balloons flew over Florida and Texas.

The claim that this was discovered after the Trump administration left suggests that it’s possible someone on the defense knew about it and chose not to tell top people in the Trump administration.

The question remains: Why didn’t the Trump administration know about these at least three spy balloons?

The good news in the DOD news letter is that “US officials have taken steps to protect themselves from the balloon’s collection of sensitive information and to diminish its intelligence value to the Chinese. The senior defense official said recovering the balloon will allow US analysts to examine sensitive Chinese equipment.”

Now for a pinch of the absolutely insane takes by conservatives:

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If only Republicans hadn’t tripped over themselves to put things in the backseat they don’t seem to understand even a bit. If they understood how to make rational decisions based on knowledge, they wouldn’t have suggested people launch the balloon or yelled about how it should have been launched before when President Biden actually authorized the launch on Wednesday, but DOD called to wait.

Not only are these people exhaustive in their unbridled hatred and attempt to smear Trump’s failures and incompetence on the Democratic President, but their quick turn to “we didn’t know” for Trump is not the salvation they think.

If it hasn’t already, they will somehow blame President Obama or President Biden for President Trump’s ignorance. just wait There will be an investigation into the Marjorie Taylor Greene variety, there is no need to wait for evidence or facts.

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