Republican cowards are complaining about being taken over by Biden within the wake of the debt ceiling settlement, however will not search resignation

House Republicans are aware that Kevin McCarthy was taken over by Biden on the debt ceiling deal, but they will not move to resign to drop McCarthy.

For example, here is MP Lauren Boebert (RC):

Saving $1.8 billion for Biden’s new army of IRS agents is great until you realize Democrats have earmarked $80 billion for it.

As I have said since the draft treaty was published, this is NOT a victory for the American people!

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) May 28, 2023

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) complained to Fox about the deal:

Republicans are the only ones who can bring financial sanity to Congress. This “deal” with the White House does not live up to this responsibility.

— Rep. Ralph Norman (@RepRalphNorman) May 29, 2023

However, not a single Republican in the House of Representatives has proposed a resignation against McCarthy, leading to two conclusions.

First, Republicans knew that the debt limit bill they were passing had no chance of ever being enacted. Second, Republicans in the House of Representatives feared a default. Republicans have been talking hard for weeks about not being afraid of a default and not believing it is real.

When push came to shove, they didn’t want to ruin the US economy and be blamed for it. So they complain publicly and dozens of them will vote no for the deal, but it’s all for show.

If Republicans in the House really hated the deal they would do everything in their power to destroy it, and if they couldn’t destroy the deal they would campaign to get rid of Kevin McCarthy.

It was all cheating. Kevin McCarthy failed, and House Republicans are too scared and weak to do anything about it.

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