(Replace) The D&Z household responds to the backlash over viral rescue movies and provides an outline of what occurred

Recently popular social media family the D&Z family faced backlash from social media users after being accused of conducting a rescue operation during the Florida floods caused by Hurricane Ian. They have denied the allegations and have responded with receipts about what happened behind the viral TikTok videos.

In a new sit-down video, Desire’e and Zay, along with Zay’s mom, provided the backdrop for what prompted them to go out even while it was still flooding their area. They explained that they parked their cars elsewhere to avoid major damage from the storm. When things calmed down, they went to get their cars and that’s where the videos started.

They explained that Zay’s mother, who was visiting from Atlanta, parked her car in a nearby parking garage. They had dropped her off so she could get her car. Little did she know, however, that the area she was trying to get to was super flooded. She had a hard time contacting Desire’e and Zay to let them know that there was too much water where she was going. They also admitted that they had tried to reach out to her as well but due to the service this was not possible. However, they were able to use social media to try to help their situation.

Desire’e and Zay say that as content creators they show the good and the bad and documenting that process is part of their job and it has helped them in this situation as well. A supporter saw the videos they were making and it helped them track down Zay’s mother. They apologized if anyone thought they were using the flooding to create content, but say the situation was very real to them.

As previously reported, after posting a series of videos on TikTok documenting their experiences, social media accused the family of staging the whole incident for attention.

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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