Rep. Ted Lieu says Trump misplaced 2024 election at CNN City Corridor

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) predicted the 2024 presidential election would not be a close one as Trump’s answers at CNN City Hall were a gold mine for Democrats.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

Donald Trump reiterated on national television that he should deprive women of the right to vote.

The choice will not be close. Trump will again lose Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia.

The abortion issue will crush Trump and Republicans.

That’s not complicated.

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) May 11, 2023

Some people believe City Hall was a debacle for CNN. But it was definitely a gold mine for @JoeBiden and the Democrats. From now through next November, we will be highlighting several Donald Trump statements at City Hall. This presidential election will not be close.

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) May 11, 2023

Not many Americans would have seen a single City Hall on CNN.

But many Americans will now see the foul things Donald Trump said because @JoeBiden and the Democrats are dying to use clippings from this town hall in ads across America.

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) May 11, 2023

After nearly eight years of Trump exposure, America now knows the former president isn’t just saying things to get votes. He firmly believes in and will implement issues such as a national abortion ban and supporting Russia’s takeover of Ukraine. Trump will destroy democracy in the United States. These are things that will happen when Trump returns to the White House.

Rep. Lieu was right. The CNN City Hall was seen by a tiny fraction of those who will vote in the 2024 general election. By 2024, exponentially more voters will be watching and hearing all the ads Democrats will run on CNN as a result of Trump’s appearance.

Democrats will also use Trump’s words against nominees for the Republican House and Senate in 2024.

Trump has always been the gift that Democrats keep getting given. The odds of him returning to the White House after his 2020 defeat were slim anyway, and the former president gave Democrats a big head start with a City Hall appearance intended to remind voters why he was running for the White House is not suitable.

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