Renni Rucci drops Diss monitor aimed toward Mulatto over her BeatBox

renni rucci mulatto

You never know what will mess up someone when it comes to music. On Thursday, Mulatto dropped her freestyle on the popular song “BeatBox” by SpottemGottem and caused a sensation with other rappers. It seems like there is nowhere you can go without hearing the song or scrolling social media without seeing someone dance to the song in the Junebug Challenge. Well, that wasn’t the reason for the frenzy. Mulatto, known as “Big Latto,” said she was the “greatest” who apparently pissed off other rappers.

At the end of the freestyle, she said, “It’s not just easy to mutate. Big Latto, Big Money, Big Balenciaga, Big Bish take everything mut **** kin big. I am the greatest and nothing great about you. So if the name isn’t Latto, don’t capitalize on it, right on top. “There are some rappers who use Big in their nicknames. Dreezy, Enchanting, and Renni Rucci are a few, to say the least. Renni prides itself on being “the greatest” in all of her social media biographies. Although Latto didn’t say a name, Renni felt like she was talking about her and responded with a diss track aimed at rapper “Queen Of Da Souf”.

Renni released the track today and mentioned Latto right in her raps and said, “You don’t talk in your sleep, but we all know who’s the greatest. I counted Benjamin’s, look like I hit the lottery. But you know exactly what the deal is, I really hit the latto. “Everyone was talking about the dissident so much that Mulatto was trending on Twitter. A fan wasted no time tweeting Renni about the track. She wrote, “I love @RenniRucci but if it wasn’t judged or respected why did she respond? Then change all of their social media names lol. Renni replied, “My social media names were what we all rappers are. So let’s watch rap with rolling eyes.”

Mulatto didn’t respond to Renni, but she did share a photo on her Instagram showing her billboard in Times Square shortly after the track dropped.

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