Renni Rucci claims the choose has Case A on Foogiano

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Free Foo! His girlfriend Renni Rucci has been holding him since Foogiano was imprisoned. If you remember, he was arrested in Memphis in March for parole offense and allegedly tampered with his court-ordered ankle monitor by removing it and on the run for several months. All this time, she’s been sharing love for him on her social media accounts by sharing photos and videos of the two. When it became known yesterday that the rapper had been sentenced to five years in prison and was being held without bail, Renni immediately launched a “Free Foo” on her Instagram account.

Today Renni shared some alarming news about the judge regarding Foo’s case, claiming he had a history of racial prejudice. She wrote: “Judge William A. Prior of Greene County, Georgia, called for someone to be openly labeled an N-word in court. He has returned from his suspension and is back as the chief judge sending more brothers and sisters to prison. not be allowed because it shows racial prejudice. Call the Georgia ACLU and get him out ASAP! 770-303-8111 “

Renni went on, sharing another note that she found out other families have faced the same alleged harsh condemnation that Foo faced. The roommates had multiple opinions when we asked for their thoughts on the situation. One commented: “5 years is a very exaggeration for his first injury. And the judge who calls ppl the n-word … more than enough reason to believe her. “Another commented:” He cut his anklet … He knows the consequences, but he doesn’t pull the race card. “

Roommate, do you think Renni’s claims are valid?

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