Reason for Tiger Woods Automobile Accident Uncovered – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Division mentioned Woods drove over 87 km / h in a 28 mph zone

Tiger Woods

#Roommates, it has been almost two months since Tiger Woods was involved in a very serious car accident in Los Angeles that left him hospitalized for an operation – and now the cause of his accident is finally known. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently confirmed that speed was the factor behind Tiger Woods’ accident as it was more than 50 mph above the speed limit.

@ CNN reports that Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva recently held a press conference and finally solved the mystery that led to golf legend Tiger Woods being involved in a serious car accident. Villanueva stated that the main causes of the crash were the tiger’s speed and inability to turn. According to the scene’s official report, Tiger was driving a Genesis SUV in the early hours of February 23 when his vehicle pulled off the road estimated about 26 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

As Tiger Woods approached a bend in the road, he did not press the brakes on his car, but instead stepped hard on the accelerator, causing the SUV to roll over at very high speed. Sheriff Villanueva also confirmed that Tiger was traveling at a speed of more than 100 km / h – which is much more than the speed limit of 45 km / h in the region.

As we have previously reported, at the time of the accident, Tiger was alone in the vehicle, which suffered great damage to the front and side, which resulted in him being taken to the hospital via the “jaws of life”. In addition, airbags appeared to be deployed.

Although he is currently recovering at home, Tiger Woods has undergone a number of surgeries for his leg injuries. Until now, he has not publicly commented on the latest news regarding the cause of the crash.

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