Ray J found a kiss on Sarah from the Dangerous Ladies Membership


Ray J Sarah Bad Girls Club

Chile! The video of Ray J and Sarah from the Bad Girls Club, who were pretty friendly, surfaced Monday morning and fans couldn’t help but question the status of his marriage as Ray and Sarah were close together in the video.

As we previously reported, Princess Love has filed for divorce from Ray J. They pulled back after he asked them to keep working on their marriage and then Ray J hit Princess with his own divorce papers. They seem to have had decent terms since then.

A source close to Princess tells us that although she and Ray J are producing the show for the set that Ray and Sarah were seen on, Princess was absent and “was at home with the kids like [she] is always “. The source added that there is “no relationship” between Princess and Ray and they are “still about to get a divorce”.

According to the source, Princess Ray J told him to “live his life”. Princess and Ray were only seen walking together the other day, but the source tells us this was only for one Couples Therapy Show You turn for VH1.

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