Rapper Cupcakke defends Diss Monitor and mocks Lizzo, Cardi B and extra

rapper Cupcakke Doesn’t back off from her diss track that brings out some of the most well-known female stars in hip hop.

The performer had become a top trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday, December 15th, after releasing her remix for the song “How to Rob”. After some social media users struggled with the harsh words they were directed at Lizzo, Megan Thee stallion, Cardi B. and others, Cupcakke took to Twitter to defend the lyrics.

A fan backed Cupcakke by stating that diss tracks were a core element of rap, and the singer replied, “I think it’s a beautiful thing and anyone who gets upset about it is only of use to the mediocre. Understand They that it’s not male rappers complaining about female rappers Sit back and enjoy talent at its best. For the last time, all love is to all named rappers. Don’t be sensitive. “

Cupcakke later added, “I’ve decided to be baptized tomorrow morning. With that in mind. Have a peaceful, blessed night for everyone. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.”

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