Rapper Casanova shares a message behind bars

Rapper Casanova shared his first message on Twitter since he was behind bars. The rapper shared two tweets on his account, which shocked some of his fans. If you remember, we reported in December 2020 that Cas, a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang, had placed himself under the custody of the Fed. He has been charged on a variety of charges, including conspiracy, gun possession, and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

On Twitter, Cas shared a photo with him in an orange jumpsuit and a black Durag on the phone and spoke to his children. He wrote, “ALL THE PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE HAVE A SIMPLE SOLUTION … A HUG FROM MY CHILDREN. I miss you. SEE YOU SOON. “

A few days earlier, on January 7th, Cas also responded to a tweet in which rapper Rowdy Rebel spoke about Cas’ situation. In a video that was shared, Rowdy said, “Look what they just did with Brother Casanova. I don’t know what he did out here, but I’ll say it like this brother. In my heart I have a feeling that he wasn’t out here doing nothing of this brother. Every time I spoke to this man, he had positive words for me. He had nothing but ‘Yo listen. When you get home make sure you straighten up. There are people out here who are not watching. ‘He made me move when I got out of here. So I don’t want to say that my brother was a hypocrite. “

He went on to say, “If he tells me that you are a rebel when you come home to sit up, why should he do it without observing his surroundings?” Rowdy also spoke about the negative media attention he received. Cas responded to the post and said, “APPRECIATE YOU, ROWDY.”

Casanova is currently facing life imprisonment if convicted.

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