Rachel Maddow says Trump and Republicans needs to be involved concerning the 1/6 committee investigation

Rachel Maddow said Trump and Republicans are rightly concerned about the 1/6 committee investigation.

Rachel Maddow: Republicans are justified in fear of the 1/6 investigation


Rachel Maddow says Republicans and Trump’s fear of a true one-sixth investigation is justified. https://t.co/GViD58WRS2image

Maddow said:

Finally someone is trying get to the bottom of it. And I mean, that was just Splinters of inquiries over THull of the White House and the Pentagon. That’s only two out of eight Agencies that do this Types of inquiries as of today. That doesn’t even count because Example, the request to the Justice Department over Trump try to get the Justice Department Officials crash elections leads to certain conditions and what they were trying to do was Total.

So these demands after Communications and documents went out since today, and they went out like a carpet Bombing effort. The fear in the Trump world and in the Republican Party over there is a real investigation of January 6th, including the actual expectation of these mobs who attacked the Capitol somehow Trump wanted in the end stay president, though they just played their part right, this fear of it be a real investigation and real efforts to get Trump in Power though he lost the choice, their fear about that it actually is has been thoroughly examined probably justified fear.

It was close when the former President tried that Power his office to break ours Democracy and takeover by Power. That’s not just a record we’ll need the history books, it is something we need to know now especially in terms of who helped him and how they did it.

Republicans like Kevin McCarthy are paranoid and scared

Kevin McCarthy hasn’t betrayed anyone by saying he’s too much for you. McCarthy couldn’t hide his fear that the 1/6 Committee would get his phone records, and what they could possibly find is much more than just talking to Donald Trump.

House Republicans know a real investigation could cost them in 2022. Rachel Maddow was right. Republicans are concerned and live in fear of a true one-sixth investigation.


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