Rachel Maddow coldly reveals what’s at stake within the medium time period

Rachel Maddow explained that vote-denying Republicans want to stay in power without having to serve you and your needs.

Video by Maddow:

Maddo says:

It’s about separating power from people’s preferences. Instead, rule over people only by force, for their own ends and to meet their own needs, rather than people’s needs. If you try to gain and hold power through violent intimidation, and not because people want you there, it doesn’t end well for anyone. Not just in history, not just as a political abstraction.

But in terms of how we live and what the prospects are for ours
families, right? What are the prospects for you and for your future and for your children and their future? Whether you care how the story went or not. Whether you care or not, how did history go when the ancestors of these people came to power. Whether or not you are interested in majority or minority rule as concepts, the isms are central to these discussions.

This is about your life. In a practical, everyday sense, if there’s a party trying to challenge elections as the way we choose who’s in power, they want to remain in control regardless of elections. They want to stay in power without your consent and without your ability to remove them, which means they don’t want to serve you.

And that means if you want the government to do anything to make your family’s life materially better, more stable, more dignified, that’s a blinking red siren on abandoning that task. And sometimes it’s easier to see that in lands far away than it is here and up close, and sometimes it’s easier to see it in history so we can see how it leads to what we’re going through today and how it rhymes.

Republicans want power without obligation and accountability.

Americans watch as Senate Republicans ignore their commitments for years. The American people want sane gun laws, but Mitch McConnell’s Senate faction said no. The list of problems is long where Senate Republicans have ignored the wants and needs of the American people.

The nation has had experience of the Republican Party ignoring its commitments, but what’s relatively new is that the Donald Trump-led Republican Party wants power without accountability.

By delegitimizing elections, Republicans seek to stay in power without being held accountable for neglecting their duties.

A party or government that is exempt from accountability will not serve its people.

It’ll be on the ballot in six weeks.

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