R. Kelly celebrates jail birthday with a clip of recent music (audio)

R. Kelly may be behind bars, but he still sends messages to his fans. On Friday when R.Kelly was celebrating his birthday behind bars, he posted a message that contained a clip of new music with the heading “Thank you God for my life!”

In the song, the R&B pop singer expressed how his career has been damaged, and although people hate him, he is still loved.

He sings: “A tsunami almost came to wipe my career away. After 22 years of blessed career, I lay in a hospital bed crying with tears. “The song continues,” Just as I hate a lot of people, I’ve had so many people who loved me. Let’s not forget the hood that covered me.

Then Kelly went on, “Everyone who calls me, tells me what they say about me, brings me all these negative things, everyone I don’t fuck with.”

As previously reported, a journalist covering the R. Kelly case reported that Judge Leinenweber has set a trial date for R. Kelly and his co-defendants for September 13, 2021.

“Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, sounds skeptical about what’s going on, but agrees to fix the date until it’s set in stone,” said Jason Meisner. R. Kelly’s legal team have tried multiple times to arrest the singer, including using COVID-19 as a reason, but they have been unsuccessful.

Even when he was attacked in prison, the judge denied his commitment. One of R. Kelly’s attorneys, Nicole Blank Becker, exclusively told the Chicago Sun Times that he lived in fear and was “petrified and paranoid” after the attack. She went on to say that he “cannot sleep and is now afraid to leave his prison cell during the two hours he is allowed to leave each day. His insomnia is serious. “

“Robert is scared for his life … he’s been scared every day since he was beaten in his prison cell by his fellow MCC inmate Jeremiah Shane Farmer a month ago,” Becker said.

For the time being, R. Kelly remains behind bars until his trial date.

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