Queen Naija provides an perception into her R&B hits

Roommates, some fans would take the opportunity to be a fly on the wall while their favorite artist cooks new music! On Thursday, Queen Naija gave her fans this chance through a series of posts on her Instagram story. The R&B singer shared screen captures of an audio clip that engages fans in her songwriting process.

The first clip posted can be heard of Queen playing around with her voice before giving a quick comment to someone else. The sound is not of the best quality, but Queen’s soothing voice comes through through her singing about cheating and her “good friend”.

“This literally raw footage of my songwriting process,” wrote Queen Naija in bold white letters. “I just keep looping a melody and inventing cadences.”

The audio recording presented is called “Pizza Hut” and has a running time of three minutes and forty-three seconds. It appears that it was taken on June 8th earlier this year to be precise.

In the second clip, Queen can still be heard singing the word “cheating” and the phrase “friend to me”. In some places the audio is inaudible, but it’s clearly all part of their songwriting process. Queen also teases fans with a “revisit” of the “little Pizza Hut clip” in more white text added to the Instagram story post.

In the third clip, Queen admits in a written text that she “doesn’t really make sense” but admits that she “loves the melody”. The explanation is consistent with what her voice gives in the clips! Towards the end of the Insider Preview, the volume increases a little, almost as if she is growing in excitement.

Her last comment is a poll asking fans if she should turn “Pizza Hut” into a song. She gave the fans the options “YESSS QUEEN” or “EHHH”.

Check out their process here:

Let Queen know in the comments if you’d like to hear more of this work in progress!

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