Quavo says in new verse that spouse had intercourse along with his boyfriend

As Quavo & Takeoff prepare to release their album Only Built For Infiniti Links, one song seems to have leaked, and it’s as MESSIC as the title suggests. In Quavo’s verse, the rapper can be heard saying an unnamed woman had sex with his boyfriend: He raps, “I said Caresha please because she’s too messy/ B***hf***ed my dawg.” behind my back but I’m not stressin’ / You wanted the gang, you should’ve said so / We should’ve blessed it.

As you know, Quavo was in a relationship with Saweetie, and many people speculate that he is talking about the Frosty Girl in the verse. If you remember, the former couples were goals until she quit last March. She tweeted that she was single. The rapper also said she’s endured “too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes” and claims the love isn’t real because intimacy has been given to other women.

If you thought the drama was over, it doesn’t stop there. The leak also comes with rumors that Saweetie allegedly had sex with Offset. Check out what people are saying below!

Quavo cheated. Saweetie got revenge from fkn his cousin. offset. Saweetie made rule #2 for his best friend and made this ngga a YES MEN! 😭 pic.twitter.com/ntjPuqYgpo

— Domooo🧛🏾🎃🕸️ (@idimeology_) October 7,

The rumors about Offset & Saweetie have been going around all year and now that Quavo is calling Offset disloyal and saying Saweetie fucked his mate behind his back basically confirms it😭😭this is so messy. Not only are you cheating on your wife AGAIN, but this time with your cousin’s girlfriend

— Glamour🧚🏽‍♀️🥀 (@LilCuchiSquirt) October 6, 2022

The rumor has been circulating since last year, and even Akbar V recently claimed that Offset slept with Saweetie, along with previous cheating allegations. Phew, Chile, that’s a lot! Roommates, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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