QAnon GOP cultists maintain AZ poll papers with UV lights in search of secret watermarks

QAnon has taken over the Republican Party as Republicans in Arizona use UV light to scan ballot papers and find secret Trump watermarks.

This is almost too crazy to believe:

Holy Moly. This is the edge of the edge.

QAnon cult members have been claiming for months that Donald Trump secretly watermarked ballots to catch Democrats cheating.

Now an official from the Arizona election “audit” says they are using ultraviolet light to look for the watermarks.

– Nick Martin (@nickmartin) May 1, 2021

The AZ audit is overseen by a QAnon cult member, and one of the selector switches is someone who was when the Capitol was attacked.

What is happening in Arizona is a symbol of the collective disturbance of a political party. Sometimes when parties lose presidential elections they get thoughtful and take a close look at themselves and ask the tough questions about their positions and messages.

In other cases, a party has a collective breakdown and decides to find evidence that an election was stolen when it wasn’t.

It would have been impossible for Donald Trump to put secret watermarks on ballots since the ballots are not controlled by the federal government, but Republicans have never been known to let the reality of their conspiracies disrupt.

The reason no one outside of Trump orbit takes the “audit” seriously is because it is a conspiracy convention convened by a state Republican party. The National Republican Party may die nationally, but in some states it has gone mad in conspiracy.

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