Publish Malone hospitalized week after falling on stage on account of ‘stabbing ache’

On September 17, Post was performing at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis when he fell against a hole on the stage and hit his chest. He paused the show, then returned, apologized to the audience, and performed five more songs before going to a hospital. There he was diagnosed with bruised ribs.

He later said in a Twitter video, “They gave me some painkillers and everything, and we can get on with the tour.” He also promised his fans in St. Louis that the next time he was in their area, he would , would do a “two-hour show” to “catch up on the few missed songs that we missed”.

He added: “Thank you guys for your support and thank you for your love and thank you for sticking around even though I got my ass kicked. I love you.”

Days later, Post shared an Instagram photo of himself and captioned the pic, “FU Hole.”

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