Pregnant Dylan Dreyer admitted to hospital 6 weeks earlier after water breaks

About a month to her due date, pregnant Dylan Dreyer was hospitalized.

The 40-year-old meteorologist, expecting a baby boy, posted a few pictures from her hospital bed and informed Today viewers that they will not be seeing her on their TVs for a while.

“My water broke on Sunday night and I was hanging in the hospital,” she wrote. “Our little guy really wants to go out and meet us! The doctors are watching us both closely and trying to keep him inside for a while longer to get stronger.

Dreyer, who announced her pregnancy in May, assured her followers that she was “in good hands” and stated that, in addition to a photo of her husband, she “has the best person to keep me calm and comfortable”. Brian Fichera.

“Looks like we’ll meet our little one sometime this week … 6 weeks early!” She continued. “I guess he couldn’t bear to be left out of all the fun his brothers were having! We are happy to receive your additional prayers. “

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