Porsha Williams determined to give up “RHOA” earlier than assembly Simon

While viewers from all over the world watch Porsha Williams making their premiere on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, she takes a moment to talk about some past affairs involving The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Porsha Williams explains she didn’t leave to avoid backlash

During a meeting with PEOPLE, Porsha admitted that while she’s thrilled to be back on TV, there are definitely some parts that “will sting you a little bit!”

One such example is the speculation that surrounded Porsha after beginning a relationship with her Simon Guobadiawho was introduced on the show while he was married Falyn Pina during season 13.

Remarkably, Falynn was brought to RHOA as “Porsha’s girlfriend” and there were initial rumors that Porsha snatched her now-husband from her. While Simon and Falynn were separated at the time he met Porsha, the matter still led to speculation that Williams was leaving the show to avoid backlash over their relationship.

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However, Porsha says that’s not the case at all.

“I didn’t run away. And I don’t think any of my followers who really knew me would think I would walk away from the show for that.”

Porsha reveals she left to reconsider how she moves

After clarifying that she “didn’t run from naysayers,” she doubled down by announcing that she’s “dealt with a lot of the tough stuff on the show” and always showed up to face the music.

“I dealt with a lot of hard things on the show,” Williams recalled to PEOPLE. “And I was there at the beginning of every season to film with the camera on. So no, that had nothing to do with it.”

Additionally, Porsha pointed out that she was determined to leave the show “long before” she and Simon met.

“I had already decided it was time to retire at least six months before I told any of the executives what I was going to do — and well before I even met my now-husband.”

As for the reason for her departure, Porsha explained that — as she neared her 10-year mark on the hit Bravo series — she “just had to re-evaluate” what she wanted.

“I turned 40, I hit my 10-year mark on the show, and I really just had to rethink where I was and what I absolutely wanted out of my life. Hence this decision came about.”

She concluded by noting that being with RHUGT “was like a fresh start”.

What do you think of Porsha Williams, who announced that she “didn’t run from the backlash” when exiting RHOA?

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