Pooh Shiesty’s alleged gunfight sufferer reportedly revokes the story, saying he does not know what he advised detectives (replace)

Pooh Shiesty surrendered to the authorities after allegedly shooting a security guard at the strip club in the leg while performing in Miami.  He is being held with no bond.

Pooh Shiesty had no luck with the authorities, but that could change.

According to documents received from TMZ, It appears that the Pooh Shiesty victim has reportedly retracted his story and is unwilling to bring charges.

Pooh Shiesty’s attorneys filed a new motion this week with an affidavit from victim Frivin Dor, who “claims he took a strong pain reliever and didn’t know what he said to the police when they first spoke.” Dior is alleged to have been given Dilaudid, a strong opioid pain reliever, when he arrived at the hospital on the night of the shooting, which resulted in his not remembering what he had told the detectives.

Dior now says chaos may have been caused by a fan that was used to cool down that fell into the nearby garage, TMZ also reports. In his new statement, he doesn’t remember Pooh Shiesty aiming or shooting at him.

Miami-Dade prosecutor Ruben Scolavino argued that Pooh “was angry because the victim was a security guard who told him to put his gun down” during a court case.

As you know, Pooh Shiesty is currently in jail. He was given $ 10,000 bail after surrendering to recent KOD filming. However, he remained in custody until he went to see a judge on an earlier case. In the end, the judge revoked his bond and is currently holding him behind bars.

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