Pooh Shiesty apparently closes the rumor that he is the key

Earlier today the Innanet was buzzing after a woman shared a video of her boo with a mysterious man. The video showed her rubbing against the chest of the man wearing a 1017 chain. Nicki P, the woman some think is trans, titled the video: “With your favorite rapper! Literally! Thanks for the AP daddy. “Fans immediately assumed it was rapper Pooh Shiesty in the video because of the chain. Although there were no other similarities, people still began to make their assumptions.

If you remember, Pooh is signed to Gucci Mane’s label “1017 Records” along with Foogiano and others. The majority of the artists on Gucci’s label have 1017 chains, so some people started speculating that it was Pooh since Foogiano is imprisoned. There were so many people talking about Pooh that it quickly started trending on Twitter. With so much attention getting to Nicki P, she decided to delete the video she posted. Hours later, Pooh broke his silence by appearing to react and closing all claims. He tweeted, “Can’t the internet tell you who I’m fucking.”

Assuming Nicki P was a trans woman, many people shared their views, even after Pooh denied the claims. One person tweeted, “MFS knocked down men for being homophobic and transphobic on DL, only to turn around and act like it was a scandal for a man to be gay or to sleep with trans women. The stigma is why many men are free to walk in their truth. “

Another tweeted, “I’m by no means a Pooh Shiesty fan, but why is he caught with a trans woman like that? They just show how transphobic you really are, and it’s gross. “

Roommate what do you think of that

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