Polo G’s Mom, Stacia Mac Calls Out The Miami Police Division After She Says They Pulled Over Polo & His Youthful Brother After His Album Launch Get together

Polo G's mother Stacia Mac is calling out Miami Police Department after she says they stopped him and his brother 20 cars deep.

Polo G just released his latest album “Hall of Fame,” and the celebration for the project quickly turned into a scene of multiple police cars outside of the venue. Polo’s mother and manager Stacia Mac was on hand for it all, and she was not having it when it came to the safety of her children.

Stacia Mac took to Instagram Live to call out the Miami Police Department after she said they pulled over her sons, Polo G and T-Baby. She said, “We’re in Miami and we just left Polo’s release party. My kids call me in a frenzy saying the police are all behind them 20 cars deep and this is not an exaggeration. What is ridiculous is the fact that a young black man could celebrate his success and be looked at as a mutha f*ckin n**ga. Then when I go and ask them where is my minor son, who’s 16-years-old. They refuse to let me speak to my minor son.”

She proceeded to turn her camera around to show the number of police vehicles that covered the block.

Stacia continued to explain that they were heading to Polo’s after party when the police stopped them. She also mentioned that they were riding in a licensed car with security, and was not even behind the wheel when they were stopped.

“I am not having it. My children will not be a casualty. I have raised my children right, they are respectful people and we are celebrating a success, and this is how it ends? Not on my watch,” she added.

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