Plies has some ideas on how ladies repair their look reasonably than what’s inside – “You by no means mounted your SOUL!”


Roommate, if you follow Plies on social media, you are likely familiar with his regular opinions and advice on a wide variety of topics including healthcare, politics, education – and now about how women need to prioritize what’s inside. On his Twitter account, Plies posted a message that immediately sparked a debate when he suggested that women, so focused on their appearance and improvements, forget to make the same effort on what is inside.

Plies’ tweet read:

“You repaired your chest, your A **, your stomach, your hair, your eyelashes, your nails, your lips, your knees and so on. A U-wonder why you are still not happy. Because you never repaired your SOUL !!!!!! ”

This is the second time this month Plies has shared some life advice on social media, having previously taught aspiring college athletes the importance of choosing a college major that can actually give them a career guaranteed when the sport doesn’t work or when your time on the field or on the court is up.

At the time, Plies wrote, “Message to all of my young athletes: These colleges are telling you that you can study anything you like and they will cover it (financially). Stop choosing the majors that only allow you to stay eligible and only pay 25,000 to 30,000 a year. Do you want to challenge more and go away with a bigger bag? “

As with most things about Plies and his fun personality, he definitely knows how to get people to talk.

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