Peter Weber responds to Kelley Flanagan’s confessions about their break up

Kelley recently hinted that she’s not entirely single and had a couple of dates with a guy who isn’t into the entertainment world. A source previously told E! News: “She turned down Bachelor in Paradise because she is with someone.”

As for Peter? He’s formed a new partnership … with TaskRabbit. The reality TV personality says his collaboration with the brand was organic.

“I just put bookshelves in my room. As a joke I thought, ‘OK guys, look at me on TaskRabbit’ as a joke, then TaskRabbit reached me,” says Peter. “It was pretty organic. It’s kind of fun, they reached out and told me what they thought of the concepts and I said, ‘Hey, why not?’ And it’s a cool little thing to be interactive with the fans and put my skills to the test. “

In fact, he has already helped a NYC resident who needed an extra hand setting up bookshelves and drapes.

“I was also able to surprise her with a nice big blue IKEA bag that IKEA got her some household items,” enthused Peter, adding, “and surprise her by surprising her with a nice little rose.”

It looks like Peter went from bachelor to builder!

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