People spend some huge cash on yard swimming pools

The backyard pool has become a big money maker.

A combination of factors has fueled the trend for years. Many Americans are moving to the suburbs, migrating to warmer states, and increasingly trying to make their own farms better places to stay.

Retailers and distributors such as Leslie’s and Pool Corp. aim to capture the large and growing pool accessories market which is providing fairly steady revenue from consumers trying to keep their pool water from going green.

There are some short-term challenges – including a shortage of chlorine tablets, partly due to a major fire in a Louisiana factory that created a chlorine shortage that is limiting supplies and increasing prices.

In the longer term, setbacks on the housing market could limit the construction of new pools. But once a home has a backyard pool, the most economical thing to do is to maintain it, so maintenance-reliant companies are likely to see steady sales.

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