Pelosi brings the home again in session to move the $ 2,000 Stimulus Checks Invoice

After Republicans unanimously refused to approve $ 2,000 stimulus checks, spokesman Pelosi announced that the House would pass a bill on Monday.

Spokesman Pelosi said in a statement to PoliticusUSA:

Today, Christmas Eve morning, the Republicans of the House cruelly robbed the American people of the $ 2,000 the President agreed to support. If the president takes the $ 2,000 direct payments seriously, he must urge the Republicans in the House to end their disability.

House and Senate Democrats have repeatedly fought over larger checks for the American people that House and Senate Republicans have repeatedly refused – first during our negotiations when they said they would not go over $ 600 and now with that act of calluses on the floor.

On Monday I will be taking the house back to a meeting where we will have a recorded vote on our standalone bill to increase the economic impact payments to $ 2,000. Voting against this bill means denying families’ financial hardship and denying them the relief they need.

Hopefully by then the president has already signed the bipartisan and bicameral legislation to keep the government open and provide coronavirus aid.

Pelosi is only giving the house a 72-hour Christmas break after Republicans refused to agree to major stimulus checks for the American people. Pelosi will force House Republicans to oppose more relief for the American people when unemployment benefits run low and millions of Americans face hunger and homelessness.

Spokesman Pelosi stands up for the American people as the Mitch McConnell house will heat up by passing $ 2,000 stimulus checks.

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