Paris Hilton Shares Cute Which means Behind Her Child’s Identify

“I love to travel and I love exotic names,” Paris explained. “I just think it’s cute that everyone has different city names,” noting that a daughter’s name came to mind quickly, while a son’s “was really difficult. “

Regarding the names that weren’t considered, the Simple Life graduate explained: “Ibiza, that would just be an odd name. Vegas, I love Vegas, but I still don’t know. Aspen… just no.”

And as Paris revealed, the Phoenix name has long resonated with her.

“Over a decade ago I thought of this amazing name,” she shared. “It’s such a beautiful name, it’s so unique. I love that it’s not just a city but has other meanings that are just beautiful. I truly believe that names are powerful and we wanted a name for our little boy that was unique and remarkable.”

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