Ouch! A prank turns bloody and is overseen by Lisa Vanderpump

A hell of a good time (literally!).

Today’s season premiere of E! ‘S Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump started with a bang of fun, good food, and a prank that went incredibly wrong. Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd and her daughter Pandora Host prominent guests Vivica A. Fox, Lance bass and his husband Michael Turchin.

During dinner the former ‘N SYNC The singer shared his love for scaring Michael and posting videos of his tormented reactions on social media.

Towards the end of dinner, when Lance walked in for a minute, Lisa said to Michael, “Listen, while he’s in the bathroom, I just want to tell you: Because he’s so mean to you when he’s playing practical jokes all the time, I think you should get your own back on him. So when you go into the horse house there’s a big horse’s head in there. Put it on and jump on it. “

“I can’t wait,” replied Michael. “I’m so inside!”

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