Olivia Munn publicly advocates “stopping Asian hatred” amid violence

Olivia Munn uses her powerful voice to shed light on injustices against Asian Americans.

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday February 9, the newsroom alum has publicly asked for help and support to the Asian community following ongoing hate crimes. “Stop Asian Hate,” began the post. “For the past few days, I’ve been speechless at the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. The racial, verbal, and physical assaults have made my community anxious to go outside. These hate crimes have increased since Covid and on, even though we ask for help despite ours American citizens ask to be outraged with us, even though we ask for more coverage in the mainstream media. “

The 40-year-old actress, whose mother is a Vietnamese immigrant, described several crimes that Asian Americans have suffered in the past week alone. “A 91-year-old Asian American was attacked from behind while walking down the street in Oakland. An 84-year-old Thai American was murdered in San Francisco,” she listed. “A 64-year-old Vietnamese American woman was born in San Jose attacked and a Filipino American was punched in the face in Manhattan. “

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