Okay. Michelle reveals her curves after the elimination of her buttocks implants

Roommate, K. Michelle was very open with her fans regarding her decision to have her buttock implants removed after years of complications and multiple surgeries. Now that she is back to her natural state after the removal operation, K. Michelle is also sharing her new body on social media with a recent video.

Just in time for the #HotGirlSummer, K. Michelle recorded the gram to give her fans a glimpse of what she’s working with now that she’s finally completely healed after her removal operation.

She wears a two-piece pink bikini with a matching cover-up and posts a video doing a light twerk session with the following caption:

You fucked the old corpse. You have to play with me I’m in the bathroom in my own world killing shit😂😂 (proud surgical scars on display and stuff. I don’t care, I think I rock) Natural Kimberly

As we reported earlier, late last year, as she was recovering from reconstructive surgery, she warned women not to follow in her footsteps. “Ladies, I don’t care who tells you what, don’t play with your body. Injections are illegal for a reason, ”she wrote.

As of 2018, K Michelle has had over four surgeries to remove silicon after receiving illegal buttock injections she received on the black market called “hydrogel injections”. The procedure can lead to several negative side effects, including pain, infection, bleeding, numbness, and fat necrosis.

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