Offset shares phrases of encouragement for Lizzo after a tearful Instagram reside


You never know who will use their voice to get up and be the light in someone else’s life when they need it most. Yesterday Offset shared 1/3 of the group Migos Lizzo with positive words of encouragement after experiencing an emotional moment the weekend after the release of their first single in two years. TMZ caught Offset in Beverly Hills, and her cameraman immediately asked him about Lizzo’s emotional live Instagram video this past weekend. Live she addressed hateful messages and comments from trolls that she shared with his wife, Cardi B.

The cameraman asked Offset, “What is your message to the haters of Lizzo? Cardi defended her. ”Offset paused a second before sharing his answer. “Let these beautiful black women be great. Stop judging. “He continued,” We work hard to be entertainers to the world. Let’s be. ” When Offset got into the car and closed the door, the cameraman asked him one final question about deleting the negative comments from Facebook. “Do you recommend Facebook for deleting the comments? Do you think it was the right thing? ”Offset actually yelled at the company for deleting the comments and said it was right.

According to TMZ, their sources on Facebook told them earlier this week that the company had removed several comments on Lizzo’s Facebook and Instagram posts after the tearful live live. In addition, Facebook plans to continue to regularly review reports of hateful comments. Lizzo seemed to appreciate Offset’s kind words as she walked into The Shade Room and left a red heart emoji on the post, which received over 6,000 likes. The roommates were happy that Offset offered this support. One commented: “The song was fantastic and this positive feedback from Offset shows that it is very much supported.” Another commented: “Thanks !!! Leave black women alone. We’re sick of it !! “

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